I will do it. Maybe later, Lets look at it some other time. We have all been guilty of giving excuses for not doing what we are supposed to do when we are supposed to do it. We have all been guilty of PROCRASTINATING.  Basically , procrastination is the avoidance of work to pursue more satisfying and less daunting activities. While I would love to tell you how this is bad and should be avoided, It is important for me to state that procrastination is a state of the mind and like all mind states, it is triggered by certain behaviours as well as conditions. Understanding this would give you power over procrastination. Now read this carefully putting off work to rest or spend time with your loved ones is not procratination. Procrastination is when you do not do the work afterwards.

UPMC Health Beat were able to give us the types of procrastination and how to avoid them.  So they are three types of people that procrastinate:

  • Thrill Seekers: Enjoy the rush that comes with racing to meet deadlines and so would never do anything unless there is a deadline attached to it.
  • Avoiders: They procrastinate out of fear of being judged regardless of if the end product is successful or not.
  • Indecisive: These group of people keep planning and planning and putting of work to avoid a sub par end product.

It is important to note that at some point we have all exhibited one or more of these traits depending on the situation. Now how can we tackle these ?

  1. If you get overwhelmed by big tasks be sure to break it down giving yourself small tasks daily to accomplish. For instance as a shoemaker, some jobs come natuarally easy to me. Others are rather tasking but they still need to be done so I break down the work into smaller parts,I may decide to only create pattern one day and then trace the pattern the next. Instead of facing everything head on and getting discouraged.
  2. If the thrill of hitting deadlines is a thing for you, generate a reward system for yourself anytime you finish a job earlier than the deadline. Gradually,you would begin to enjoy completing task earlier.
  3. Distractions too play a key role in procrastination.In the Antoine factory,apprentices are not allowed to use phones because they distract from achieving set targets for the day. If you are using  a computer to work ensure not to leave multiple tabs open this gives the illusion that alot of work needs to be done and after multitasking through all of them we often do not finish one.
  4. Stress too could be a strong factor for procrastination take a day off to clear your head, Observe break times in your work place. The Antoine Factory break time is 12pm. I noticed after that oen hour break everyone feels pumped to continue work for the day.

I hope this helps someone out there as it helped me.Got more tips leave it in the comment section below.